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Known as a 'miracle in a bottle', Liquid Gold has been a cult favourite for years among dermal therapists, skin experts, beauty editors and everyday people!

But the proof is in the performance. From an 8-week independent clinical review:

  • 88% of people saw an improvement skin tone and luminosity
  • 88% of people saw an improvement skin texture
  • People also saw a 93% improvement in skin elasticity use
Good To Know
Where does it go in my routine?

After: Cleanser
Before: Face oil

How much do I need?

1ml per use - equivalent to ⅓ teaspoon or a saturated cotton pad.

How often should I use it?

3 times a week on alternate evenings.

Pro tips:
  • If you’re new to exfoliation or have sensitive skin, start slowly with once a week and build up to 3 times a week over the course of a month
  • It’s normal to feel a tingling sensation on the skin after application - it’ll linger for a few minutes before dissipating, revealing a fresher, firmer complexion and natural glow
  • If your skin is slightly sensitive or you prefer a more comfortable feel, apply a face oil on top instead of a moisturiser (oil-based products won't reduce the efficacy of Liquid Gold's low pH formula)
  • Always apply and reapply an adequate amount of your chosen broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, but especially after using Liquid Gold at night