What is Keratosis Pilaris and how to improve it

What is Keratosis Pilaris and how to improve it

Have you ever experienced areas of tiny, textured bumps on the skin, maybe on the backs of your upper arms or legs in particular? Safe to say most of us have come across this at some point, you may have even heard it referred to as ‘chicken skin’ in the past, but what actually is this familiar skin concern?  

What is Keratosis Polaris?  

Keratosis Pilaris (KP) is a very common skin condition characterised by areas of dry skin and texture from small, raised bumps most often seen on the sides of the face, and back of the arms and thighs. It can affect anybody regardless of their age or skin type - although it’s most common in those under 30 – and KP can also appear on other areas of the body too.  

What causes it?  

These areas of texture appear due to ‘follicular hyperkeratosis’ which is where dead, sticky skin cells gather together and fill the entrance to the hair follicle instead of exfoliating away, forming a Keratin plug at the surface. This shows as the tiny bumps we see at the follicle and can sometimes present with irritation and redness around the area too.  

Keratosis Polaris can often be quite stubborn, and the more dry your skin is, the more severe the KP appears. Ever noticed it seems worse during the cold winter months, but clears a little on a sunny holiday? Exfoliation and hydration are key in your fight against KP. 

So where does Liquid Gold come into it?  

Unfortunately, there’s no way of ‘curing’ KP, but there’s absolutely a few key ways to reduce the appearance and clear areas of KP from the skin. First stop, chemical exfoliation.  

Did you know Liquid Gold wasn’t limited to use just on the face? Glycolic Acid is a Keratolytic agent, meaning it can exfoliate the outer layers of the skin by breaking down the bonds holding dead skin to the surface. That’s right! Regular use of Liquid Gold Exfoliating Tonic over areas of the body affected by KP can actually assist with smoothing existing texture and hydrating the skin, as well as helping to prevent the formation of further keratin plugs – it’s a win win. 

With skin supporting Silk Proteins and Licorice Root Extract, Liquid Gold will also work towards lifting the appearance of pigmentation and post blemish marking to brighten and even out skin tone.  

And how do we use Liquid Gold on KP?  

Three alternate nights a week, apply Liquid Gold to affected areas and leave to work overnight. For the occurrence of KP on the face we recommend cleansing first with a pH balanced cleanser such as Balancing Cleanser, and protecting daily with an SPF50+. 

To further assist in minimising the appearance of KP on the body ensure you are cleansing thoroughly beforehand and follow each morning with a hydrating and protective moisturiser.   

Hot Tip - For maximum body results, level up your routine once a week (on a non-Liquid Gold night) with Micro Super Scrub, giving you a boost of physical and chemical exfoliating power!    

Be sure to regularly moisturise the body after you’ve showered. And although it can seem tempting, try not to pick at the bumps when they appear as this will add unnecessary stress to the skin and can result in further irritation and scarring that is then even more difficult to tackle.