Support the Girls

What they do.

We are proud of our partnership with Gold Coast based Support the Girls, a unique charity that provides a grassroots framework of action to empower women to escape the cycle of poverty, violence, trauma and multiple structural oppressions. Female founded and run by CEO Jane Holmes, Support the Girls embodies the Alpha Women values and the spirit of transformation.

This call to action starts by creating safe spaces for all women and ensuring they have dignity through the provision of professionally fitted bras, underwear, toiletries and menstrual hygiene products. The reach both local, rural and Indigenous communities through their efforts.

Our Partnership

Our Alpha-mission is to reach and connect with women who need it most. We will provide both funding and hands-on involvement as part of an ongoing partnership with Jane and Support the Girls, that achieves real, tangible impact in Australia. Our core focuses include:

  • Team participation at Bra Gifting and rural community events 
  • Distributing Alpha-H products 
  • Financial contributions
  • Assisting in raising the profile of Support the Girls
  • Business and fundraising mentoring 
  • Opportunities for our Alphaholics to support this incredible cause 

Our 2021 Commitment to Support the Girls


Alpha-H Skincare image
Alpha-H Skincare image
Alpha-H products gifted
Alpha-H Skincare image
Events with hands on support from Alpha-H employees annually
Alpha-H Skincare image
Hours of marketing, strategy and mentoring advice