Creating skincare with a conscience

At Alpha-H, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact.

We know we can’t save the world overnight, but collectively we can strive to minimise our footprint and safeguard the environment for the sake of future generations.

Powered by the sun

We’re making the most of the natural resources here on the sunny Gold Coast, powering our factory and head office with the help of 195 solar panels. Measuring some 325m2, this clean energy solution will reduce our CO2 emissions by almost 67,000 kg per year. Any excess power generated is returned to the grid.

Reinventing waste

Alpha-H’s transformative approach revitalises more than just skin. Always at the forefront of innovation, we’re converting our inorganic waste into high-grade composts, premium soils, soil conditioners and potting mixes. These are used for land rehabilitation projects as a growing medium or replacement for synthetic fertilisers. These composts revive degraded land by improving ecological and biological integrity through improved soil fertility and micro-life. Additionally, no recyclable waste is going to landfill.

Sustainable packaging

Our tubes and bottles are made from 30-35% recycled materials. New technology means that over one third of post-consumer recycled resin (PCR resin) can be used in packaging without compromising the integrity of the product. Beyond this, Alpha-H’s tubes, bottles and cardboard packaging are all 100% recyclable.

We are currently working on new shipper boxes which will meet even higher sustainable standards.

Supporting local

We’re passionate about supporting local producers and suppliers. As such, we formulate our products with local ingredients wherever possible. Alpha-H currently sources a number of ingredients from local Queensland growers and suppliers including; Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Green Tea, Macadamia Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Olive Leaf, Peppermint Oil, Lotus Extract, Rose, and Ginseng. Our Jojoba Oil, Thyme and Chamomile are sourced from Byron Bay. Our Coffee Extract comes from beans grown in the Byron Bay Hinterland and our Lime Pearl™’s is native to Queensland’s tropical East Coast rainforests but is harvested sustainably.

Our Ingredients

We discontinued the use of Polyethylene Beads in 2015, replacing them with environmentally friendly and biodegradable Bamboo Powder and Jojoba Beads.

All of our products are cruelty-free.