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Routines to Help Alleviate Redness

There are various reasons for heightened redness including genetic sensitivity, cumulative sun damage and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Help ease the appearance of redness with Alpha-H's routine designed to calm stressed skin and protect against environmental damage leaving skin soothed, hydrated, and glowing.

Every Morning

Start with Balancing Cleanser, a creamy non foaming cleanser enriched with soothing Aloe vera and vitamin E

Follow with Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream to illuminate the eye area

Boost your antioxidant protection with skin brightening and hydrating vitamin C Serum

Layer ceramide rich Vitamin E Serum to nourish and fortify the skin barrier

Finish with Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50+ to moisturise and shield from the damaging effects of UVA/UVB

Every Evening

Double cleanse with Melting Moment Cleansing Balm, followed by Balancing Cleanser

Apply Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream

Apply Niacinamide rich Vitamin B serum to help ease redness and fortify the skin barrier

Finish with Essential Hydration Cream which contains and Anti-Redness™ complex or Golden Haze Face Oil to lock in moisture

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