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AM-PM Glow Kit
AM-PM Glow Kit
The Beauty Chef x Alpha-H
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Skin Science

Glycolic Acid 101

Discover the acid that has earned itself the “King of Chemical Exfoliants” crown in the skincare industry.

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Skin Science

The four acids on everyone’s radar

Our guide on the top four acids that are on everyone’s minds – their functions, differences, and how to find them in the Alpha-H range.

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Skin Science

Generation Glow - Understanding acids

We take a closer look at the skin's pH, and how acids can be introduced into your routine.

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Accelerate resurfacing with Alpha-H’s range of transformative exfoliators.

Exfoliation stimulates the shedding of dead skin cells to reveal new, fresh skin underneath. It’s central to our mission of building long-term skin resilience. Exfoliation can help to boost Collagen production, improve pigmentation and luminosity, clear skin congestion and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.