Melting Moment Cleansing Balm

Our luxurious balm-to-oil cleanser immediately melts away makeup, SPF and pollution.

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Key Benefits

​1. Deeply cleanses away makeup and SPF.​

2. Leaves skin soft, hydrated and luminous, never stripped or dry.​

3. Does not disrupt the skin’s delicate pH balance, assisting to maintain and support your skin’s barrier function. ​

​4. Calms and soothes the skin.​

​5. Assists in removing excess sebum production from oily skin and unblocking pores to minimise the appearance of blackheads. 

3 ways to use this multifunctional hero

1.  Single Cleanse

Apply to dry skin to cleanse and hydrate skin, prepping it for your regular AM/PM routine.

2.  Double Cleanse

Apply to dry skin as your first cleanse to effectively remove stubborn make-up and SPF, prepping for a targeted second cleanse. 

3. Hydration Mask 

Apply to clean, dry skin and leave for 10-minutes as a mask to deeply nourish and hydrate skin. 

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Real Results


7-day trial with 23 participants


100% of people agreed it removed all traces of makeup and SPF


100% of participants skin didn’t feel stripped or tight after using


95% of participants skin felt softer or smoother after using the balm


95% of participants skin felt softer, more hydrated or more nourished after using it as a mask



Loaded with antioxidant rich ingredients

Native Australian Wild Orange Leaf Extract is rich in Phyto-Compounds like Amino Acids which help to maintain the skin’s hydration.

Grapeseed Oil, this Vitamin E rich oil is full of antioxidants, protecting the skin from free radical damage, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties to help calm the skin. 

Australian Sandalwood Seed Oil is rich in Ximenynic Acid, one of the rarest fatty acids in the plant world, it is anti-inflammatory, increases micro-circulation and reduces excess sebum.

Bisabolol, extracted from Chamomile, Bis rich in Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) and works to deeply hydrate the skin and assist with redness and irritation to instantly calm stressed skin.

Alpha-H Skincare image
Alpha-H Skincare image

Cleansing Balm FAQs

Q. Can oily skin types use cleansing balms?

A. Melting Moment Cleansing Balm is suitable for all skin types.

Q. Do I have to wash with something else after using this or can I use this on its own to wash my face?

A. This product may be used alone or as part of a double cleanse regime followed by a targeted cleanser such as Triple Action Cleanser for oily skin or Balancing Cleanser for normal to dry skin.

Q. Will a cleansing balm clog my pores?

A. This product contains a blend of natural oils that attract oil-soluble matter including excess sebum on the surface of the skin. It is then emulsified with water to create an effective microemulsion that gives the skin a thorough cleanse and is rinsed from the skin leaving no excess product or oily residue.

Q. Does a cleansing balm need to be stored in a cool place?

A. A cool, dry spot is best. 

Q. Should I be using this product to remove eye makeup?

A. Yes. It is gentle enough to remove eye makeup.

Australian made

Australian made

Clean & Cruelty-free Ingredients

Clean & Cruelty-free Ingredients



PCR Packaging

PCR Packaging