Whether you have a specific skin concern, or you’re simply looking to make your already ‘good’ skin great, masks are the icing on your skincare cake.

Why should I add a mask into my regular skincare regime?

Where cleansing and moisturising are certainly the cornerstones of a good skincare regime, all too often we can overlook masks as a “nice to have” which we just don’t seem to get around to very often.

Some may even think of masks as a gimmick. Well known as a cornerstone of teenage slumber parties, at this age you may not have even noticed if there were any benefits to your treatment; it was just for fun, right?

What many people don’t realise, however, is that when you use the right mask, they have a definite role to play in your regime and can target issues which your normal cleansing and moisturising ritual can’t.

Thanks to their specialised ingredients, masks can provide a raft of benefits to your skin including detoxifying and decongesting the skin.

What are the benefits of a clay mask?

Whilst there are many different varieties of masks, probably the best known is the clay mask. For many of us, using a cheap sachet clay mask at a slumber party was probably one of our first personal forays into the world of skin treatments beyond cleanser. For the record, clay masks can provide far more benefits than funny selfies with your besties!

First and foremost, clay masks absorb oil. If your skin is suffering from breakouts and congestion thanks to excessive oil in your skin, a clay mask could help to draw this excess oil out, leaving your skin clearer. Of course, your skin does need its natural oils to an extent to keep it soft and smooth, but when there’s too much of it, this can spell a skin disaster that’s waiting to emerge, probably a day or two before some big event on your calendar.

Secondly, clay masks bring all the benefits of the natural minerals which are found in this natural ingredient and physically slather them all over your skin, allowing them to soak in and do their thing. This leaves you with skin which looks and feels smoother, softer and brighter.

Thirdly, a clay mask binds to nasties such as toxins and dirt in and on the skin, drawing them out and away from places where they can turn nasty and leave you with a blemish. It’s almost like the deep cleanse cycle on your washer.

Finally, if you needed any more convincing, a good clay mask can also be used as an overnight spot treatment, helping to calm and heal blemishes which seem to appear at the very worst moments.

How can I incorporate a clay mask into my skincare ritual?

Alpha-H’s Clear Skin Blemish Control Mask features two types of white clay – Kaolin and Bentonite – which help to give your pores a truly deep cleanse, drawing out impurities and toxins without stripping the skin of its natural oils, or putting it out of balance. It also features Australian Eucalyptus and Tea Tree to fight bacteria and help to accelerate the healing of your skin after a breakout, as well as Macadamia Seed Oil which is rich in essential fatty acids, and is known to mimic the skin’s natural sebum to helps restore the skin’s barrier.

Suitable for all skin types, we recommend using the Clear Skin Blemish Control mask once a week. First cleanse your skin thoroughly, then apply it to your face, neck and décolletage. Once that’s done, it’s time to sit back, relax, and let the mask do its thing for a maximum of 10 minutes before you remove it with a warm, damp face cloth. We don’t recommend leaving this mask on large areas of your skin for longer than 10 minutes; whilst removing excess oil from the skin is a good thing, going too far can be a bad thing. However, for those pesky blemishes that begin to form towards the end of the day, this mask can be used as a spot treatment on the blemish over night!

Of course, not every product is for every skin concern, so you might find that one of our other masks is better suited to the unique concern you’re trying to address. You can browse our other masks here, or request a Live Skin Consultations for personalised advice on which product might be best for your needs.