If you have oily skin, it is likely you have followed the generally accepted approach to dealing with your excess sebum; strip it out! But did you know that by stripping the oil from your skin, you could actually be causing your skin to step up its oil production even more, thus exacerbating the problem even further? At Alpha-H, we take a different approach.


Why your skin needs oil

Our skin is our largest organ, covering our bodies so as to provide protection to our inner organs. (Plus, you know, just generally keep everything inside our bodies together.) But the skin also then needs its own defence mechanism against contaminants like bacteria and viruses too. This comes in the form of our acid mantle, which is sometimes referred to as the lipid barrier. Our acid mantle is a physical and chemical barrier which is made up of a variety of things, but the key ones we want to look at here are your skin’s natural oils and moisture. The oil (aka sebum) in the acid mantle helps to lock moisture into the skin as it creates a film.

If you strip the oil from your skin, the acid mantle can become impaired. This then leads to moisture loss as there’s nothing stopping it from just evaporating through the surface of your skin. Your body will then, very helpfully, produce more oil to replace the stripped oil, plus even more again to try and balance out the fact that your skin is now dehydrated. The more you take away, the more it will add. It’s just trying to help! But then, thanks to the standard approach to oily skin, you’ll likely just try even harder to strip that oil away. And the vicious cycle continues with many people thinking they have an oily skin type, when the reality is their skin is just dehydrated.

Find out more about how oily and dehydrated skins can be confused here.


The causes and effects of oily skin

As anyone with skin that’s oily for any reason will tell you, it can spell clogged pores, breakouts and blemishes. While an impairment to the acid mantle, as we discuss above, is one cause of oily skin, it’s certainly not the only one. It could be that you are genetically predisposed to excess sebum, that you’re stressed, that your hormones are fluctuating, that you’re using the wrong skincare products, or just that you’re indulging in some lifestyle habits that aren’t helping.


How can I control oil in my skin?

As we’ve already learned, stripping oil from the skin isn’t the answer to controlling it. Instead, you should look for products which will mattify your skin by helping draw the excess oil and sebum out without stripping it, while simultaneously supporting, repairing and protecting your acid mantle. It may sound like a rather complex equation, but it doesn’t have to be.

Alpha-H’s Clear Skin Blemish Control Mask does all of these things, and more.


Introducing Clear Skin Blemish Control Mask

Alpha-H is renowned for blending the best of science with the best of nature, and the Clear Skin Blemish Control Mask continues this tradition.

White clays Kaolin and Bentonite combine to draw excess oil from the skin, leaving it mattified without over-stripping.

Meanwhile, ever dependable natural antibacterials Tea Tree and Eucalyptus work synergistically to help diminish the bacteria which can cause breakouts, while also cooling and calming the skin, and reducing the red and angry appearance blemishes can often take on.

Macadamia Seed and Jojoba oils are included in this formulation to support the regeneration of your skin’s acid mantle, helping it to rebuild its own natural defences against breakouts. While the thought of putting a product which contains oils onto an already oily skin might be scary, we promise you it will help, not hinder!

Rounding the star ingredients out is Olive Leaf Extract. Well known for its immune-boosting properties, in this setting it adds an antioxidant boost for your skin which is both protective and anti-inflammatory.

The result is skin which is mattified, smoother and calmer. Pores also appear reduced and tightened. And dare we say it, less oily.


Proving it

Many products make varying claims about their results, but with little proof to back them. So, to prove the efficacy of our formulation, we used a digital skin scanner to show the difference to an oily skin before and after the mask was applied, and what was achieved in a mere 10 minutes. The images below show the decrease in sebum on the skin, and the visible change to the size of the mouth of the pores.

Sebum reduction in 10 minutes


Who can use this product?

Fact: problematic and congested skin is anything but a teenage phenomenon. Blemishes and breakouts don’t discriminate, so we wanted to create a product which was suitable for use by anyone at any time in their life to help take back control of problematic skin, regardless of the reasons behind their breakouts. This truly is a product for anyone. From teenagers to tradies, pregnant or breastfeeding mums, and even our old friend Average Sue, this mask can help you to take back control of your skin. It’s perfect as a weekly treatment for those with oily skin, or as an occasional spot treatment for when stress or hormones send things a little off balance.



The Clear Skin range

Alpha-H’s Clear Skin range is lauded by many (including our #OG One Direction star, Niall Horan) as products which helped them regulate the flow of oil in their skin and overcome the cycle of breakouts and blemishes. Our new Clear Skin Blemish Control Mask is the latest addition to this range.