Before launching our new Absolute Lip Perfector Nude Blush, we sent some lucky Trial Tribe recipients a tube for a sneak peek. Here’s what they had to say.


“The balm feels really nice on my lips. It gives a slight cooling sensation, but it’s not as strong as in other balms that have menthol, and it’s very pleasant.

“It is lightly tinted, however, it makes no difference when I apply it on my lips. It looks just like a clear balm. I love that the lip perfector is not sticky and doesn’t feel unpleasant and heavy on my lips. It acts as a great primer for matte lipsticks.

“When using Alpha-H lip perfector I see that my lips instantly look plumper and have more even texture. I haven’t noticed any long-term effect yet, but I am keen to keep using it to see if it helps to even out my lip texture with time.

“Overall, this is a product I’d keep using and consider repurchasing in the future, especially if I notice long-term effects. I would probably use it as a night lip treatment though.”

– Ksenia (pictured)


“Upon applying the balm, you first feel the cooling sensation from the peppermint and wild mint however it is not overpowering. I have had an instance from other lip products with peppermint where my lips felt numb but this did not happen, it was just the right amount.

“It is very light and a little goes a long way. It is advertised to have a nude tint, and while the texture does appear that colour, it applies on my lips clear.

“My lips have never felt this plump from ANY lip product before. I am legitimately surprised – I can definitely see this being a huge hit with people wanting “fuller lips” naturally.

“Also, I am wild for how long this lasts. I took a nap in the middle of the day in 40 degree heat, complete with drool and sweat and when I woke up IT WAS STILL ON MY LIPS. Furthermore, I would repurchase and 100% would recommend to everyone.”

– Mary Ann (pictured)


“I’m just sooo in LOVE with this product!!! The Absolute Lip Perfector Nude Blush is a beautiful make-up/skincare hybrid product designed to give you pout perfection.

“It’s a luxurious lipcare balm product that gives you a cool tingle on application and instantly plumps you’re lips.  It leaves your lips feeling baby soft, smooth and hydrated without feeling greasy or sticky.

“In addition to how your lips feel – they look amazing too! Your pout will have the oh so slightest hint of pink tint.  You know that – “my lips but better,“ no-makeup make up nudest of nudes colour that suits all skin tones and goes with every makeup look.  It’s just right for those lazy girl beach days when you need moisture and hydration but don’t want to look as if you have anything on your lips.

“This has been in my handbag every day since it arrived and my lips have never looked better.  It’s the perfect accessory for Rosé all day and hot summer nights!”

– Jill (pictured)


“I’ve been very happy both the Lip Perfector, it plumps and hydrates the lips. Easy to apply, not oily and a compact size tube!

“Some have asked me if I’ve had my lips done – what a compliment! More than impressed with another fantastic product from Alpha-H!”

– Amanda (pictured)


“Thanks again Alpha-H for letting me review this product!!! This is my new staple. Love the subtle minty tingle and blush tint. Working in an office I find I always have dry lips but I keep this in my bag and use it throughout the day to keep hydrated.”

– Danni


“I absolutely love this product! I use the Absolute Lip Profector (Nude Blush) everyday with or without a full face of makeup. It applies effortlessly and leaves my lips feeling smooth, hydrated and glossy. I specifically love the cooling effect the hint of peppermint and wild mint provides.

“The Nude tint provides a subtle shade I can wear either at work or at university, which is more convenient for me as I don’t have to reapply a lipstick multiple times per day. Will definitely be purchasing this product again in the future. Love your work Alpha-H.”

– Zali


“Firstly, I love the colour of the nude blush it’s such a lovely shade and a nice change from the other Alpha H products that are typically white. Secondly, I love the applicator it’s so easy to apply.

“Overall, I’ve been really enjoying the product I have been finding it nourishing and perfect for my very chapped lips. I will definitely continue using it and would recommend to a friend.

“I like the sensation of the peppermint and wild mint it really does provide a lovely super cooling effect. I’ve never heard of Hirulip or honeycomb extract for lip balm but it really does give deep hydration and moisture.

“I am looking forward to trying it in winter and seeing how the zinc assists with exposure to more hardcore elements.”

– Dara (pictured)