How and why did you start Suki La?

I had always dreamed about having my own business but hadn’t really had my ‘this is it moment’ until I came up with the concept for Suki La. A brand focused on making hair accessories that are inclusive for all hair types, we want to encourage confidence and help you elevate your look.


What is your proudest moment since launching the brand?

Every time I spot a Suki La hair claw it makes me proud. My pride comes from seeing women wearing their Suki La hair claws or using our Care Kits, I find it extremely encouraging and get excited every single time. At the end of the day, I want Suki La to be about the women and girls wearing and using our products and it is all our gorgeous customers that make me proud and motivated to continue working every single day.


What does a typical workday look like for you?

As a small business expecting nothing to go to plan is how it is for me, so a typical Suki La workday involves expecting the unexpected. However, each day I have a list of tasks I do need to do which can range from customer service and emails to organising and photographing new arrivals. Working on socials and packing orders. At this stage Suki La is a one-woman team, so I do everything and anything that needs to get done!

Alpha-H Skincare image
Alpha-H Skincare image

What hurdles have you experienced as a small business?

I think the biggest hurdle has been running every aspect of the business and learning things on the go, being flexible to deal with any issues or problems that come up in a timely manner and staying motivated without anyone really pushing me or giving me direction on what needs to be done and by what deadline. Setting those goals for myself is a challenge as I have always found it hard to stay consistently motivated.


Was it challenging to evolve into a leadership position?

I think that my previous experience in retail and my university degree in business has given me the knowledge I needed to feel more confident to be able to be a leader. The biggest thing that I think has helped me evolve is having confidence even when I’m a bit unsure, but also having the ability to step back sometimes to listen and learn from others.


Do you have any advice for other female entrepreneurs? 

I think the hardest part for me was having the courage to believe in yourself and put yourself out there, so my advice would be to believe in yourself and keep going no matter what. Find advice and guidance from other strong women around you who will give it to you and be willing to learn from them, surround yourself with a support system of friends and family who will continue to encourage and support you.