Unless you’ve been living on a deserted island and cut off from the outside world, you would have heard the buzz around probiotics by now. It’s well known that probiotics are good for your gut and overall health, but did you know they can also benefit your skin? Let’s take a closer look.

What are probiotics?

In very simple terms, probiotics are live good bacteria and yeast. Most often we hear probiotics spoken about in relation to gut health, and the links between your internal health and a healthy external aesthetic are becoming better known.

Why put probiotics in skincare?

If your inner health is off balance, often you will find evidence of this in your skin; it can lead to a range of different skin complaints. As such, it is often recommended that you examine your inner health to help with your skin’s health. Taking an internal probiotic could definitely have some flow-on effects for your dermis.

That said, as other organs which the body considers to be more “vital” get first dibs on essential nutrients, the skin generally only gets the leftovers. But, did you know that your skin is your largest and fastest growing organ? By applying a probiotic topically to the skin, the good bacteria are delivered to it directly, allowing your skin to reap the full benefits of it immediately. This boost of good bacteria can help to replenish your skin’s ability to fight back against the bad bacteria and pollution, as well as providing both anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

What skincare products contain probiotics?

Alpha-H has just launched a new product which contains probiotics; Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask.

The specific probiotic included in this luxurious mask is Relipidium™. This powerful and active ingredient was selected specifically for its ability to replenish and rebalance your skin’s microbiome ecosystem, restore the skin’s lipid barrier and help increase hydration levels.

What benefits can I expect from Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask?

Beyond the probiotic included in the genius formulation of the Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask, there is also a whole other raft of other highly beneficial ingredients you’re sure to love.

AHA darling Glycolic Acid, which is also a key ingredient of our cult favourite Liquid Gold, brings its exfoliating and refining powers to this blend, while Lactic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid add their hydration superpowers.

Add to this a super nourishing base of Shea Butter, Squalane and Fision Hydrate, and the hydration benefits are further enhanced, while the probiotic’s barrier boosting efforts ensure it’s not immediately lost again.

Tazman Pepper™ keeps the redness and inflammation often associated with high activity peels in check, meaning you can achieve that hyperstimulation without the downtime. In fact, this amazing ingredient has three times the antioxidant power of blueberries!

Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask sets a new benchmark in home peels, delivering classic Liquid Gold results in just 10 minutes.